Celebrating 150 years from the first Romanian Students’ Congress from Putna, 4 NGOs worked together to create FSRP – Forumul Studenților Români de Pretutindeni. The 4 NGOs, Liga Studentilor Romani din Strainatate – LSRS, UN Youth Romania, FASMR – Federaţia Asociaţiilor Studenţilor în Medicină din România, Uniunea Studenților din România (USR) were helped in creating this event by Mic, Ilie & Asociații (legal services), DOF Group (digital services) and Votestream (blockchain voting platform).

Forumul Studenților Români de Pretutindeni was designed to bring together the Romanian students with the purpose of setting forth the public policies that they envision for the next 100 years.

Votestream implementation for FSRP showcases the advantages of an e-voting platform in organising a GA. Having the help of our team, FSRP is preparing for a hybrid GA, knowing that it has a fully operating back-up plan for a fast transition to a fully online meeting if the COVID-19 restrictions do not allow for a physical one.

This type of flexibility is why e-voting solutions are the next logical step in which GAM should be looking. Votestream offers a simple, yet secure solution to hold a GA.

For the next generation of users, future politicians and businesspersons, e-voting adoption is as easy as adapting to a new app on any smart-device. FSRP represents a group of students who will discuss and debate the direction in which Romania should be heading.

We are happy to help them decide and lead us in the right direction.