Traditional voting can be expensive and time consuming since it implies travelling, accommodation and facilities renting. With Votestream, you can have access to a state-of-the-art technology that allows your members to vote from anywhere in the world.

  • If your organisation has a large number of voters, gathering all in the same room at the same time might be problematic. With Votestream you can either move your entire voting session online or have a hybrid meeting where some members are physically present while the others vote through the platform. This way you can increase voter participation while also cutting costs
  • If you happen to have international voters, we have just the solution for you, since the Votestream platform can be translated in multiple languages according to your company‚Äôs needs.
  • You can vote on however matters you want to on a single voting session. This means that members who are validated can log in as many time as they want and cast their vote within the timeframe you establish for each matter.
  • If you commit to using Votestream over a longer period of time, we can negotiate a discount
  • Our legal team can assist you all the way, from organising your AGM, to making sure you are fulfilling the legal requirements concerning the voting process