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How does it work?

Once your organisation decides to hold a voting session, the chairman or the secretary will fill in a notice of the meeting form that will include relevant information.

There are some key roles that will be assigned.

The person who will open the meeting and ensure all issues on the meeting’s agenda are carried out. They will also sign the Minute of the Meeting.
The person who will generate the voting report and draw up the minute of the meeting.
Authorized participants eligible to vote , granted voting rights to take part in voting sessions.
External, on-voting participants that ensure the integrity of the election.
Premium AGM
You can always access our premium service and have our legal team handle the vote and make sure you are following all the legal requirements.
Their role is to validate the accounts and make sure the users are indeed members of your organisation, in order to make sure only authorised members can access the voting session.

Our voting procedure


Voting in 5 steps

All participants will be automatically notified via email that a meeting was set for the specific date and time, followed by a set of instructions.

1. Registration

You send us the user registry and the user roles, and we upload it to the authentication servers.

More details on our voting procedure



According to how your organisation decides, between 1h to 24h before the voting session starts, users can authenticate on the platform, using our multi-factor procedure but also by uploading the legal document requested by the voting session’s initiator. Once the members authenticate on the platform, they can log in multiple times and there is no need to redo the validation procedure.

If you choose to work with our legal team and have them validate your members, you need to keep in mind that user authentication needs to be performed 24h before the voting session.


User validation

In order to grant access to the voting session, all users need to be validated. Validation is performed after the multi-factor authentication, either by the meeting’s secretary or by a designated notary or lawyer, according to your organisation’s internal procedure or the current regulations.


Voting session

Items on the agenda can be pre-added by our support team or by your meeting’s secretary either before or during the meeting. You decide when voting starts and how much time is allocated to voting on each issue. You can always edit the issues and the answers delete them, or add new ones, since everything will be recorded into the blockchain and visible in the Log page.


Voting report

Once a voting session ends, the votes are automatically recorded into a private blockchain and presented to every user registered for the voting session.

At the end of the meeting, the secretary can download the voting session’s results and the log. If you choose to employ our legal team, the report will also be verified and signed and stamped by one of our lawyers.