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Cookies Policy

Adopted on 20.04.2021 

We use technologies on the site (the Site) to collect information that helps us improve your online experience. In this Cookie Policy, we present you the different types of cookies used in connection with the Site, a Site owned and controlled by WORKSTREAM LLC, a limited liability company, organized and operating in accordance with Romanian laws, headquartered in Bucharest, 33 Aviatorilor Boulevard, Building A, 4th Floor, Office 2, District 1, registered at the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J40 / 12948/2017, sole registration number 37986682, hereinafter referred to as VoteStream”, Controller”, WeOur. 

We hope that this Cookie Policy helps you understand and feel more confident about Our use of cookies. Please also see our Privacy Policy to understand the other ways in which we use information we collect about you. If you have any further queries, please contact us at . 

1. What are cookies? 

Cookies are text files downloaded by your internet browser on your device when you visit our web page. Cookies and web storage technologies that facilitate your interaction with our web page. They allow you to adapt the content of the web page that you access to the user (you). Also, the use of cookies allows us to understand which sections of the web page are useful and need improvement. For these purposes, cookies collect information about your online behaviour. Cookies are stored for a specified period. 


Regarding cookies, we inform you that there are different categories of cookies, classified as follows:  

  • Primary cookies and third-party cookies
    • In terms of the number of accesses, cookies are divided into primary cookies and third-party cookies. Primary cookies are downloaded by your internet browser on the first visit. The next time you access the web page from the same device, it will cause the cookie and the information stored in it to be sent back to the web page that generated it (primary cookie), or to another web page to which it belongs (third-party cookie). Third-party cookies belong to providers who set cookies when you are logged into their pages and visit our web page. We have no influence on the cookie settings of these web pages.
    • In order to obtain additional information on how third parties use cookies, please read the Cookies Policy of the respective web pages. Primary cookies and third-party cookies allow the web page to recognize if you have already accessed the web page through that browser, and in many cases, they can vary the content displayed. If you refuse to use all cookies, neither primary cookies nor third-party cookies will be used. There will be no differentiation between the two types of cookies.  
  • Persistent cookies and session cookies
    • Regarding the storage period, there are persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer until they expire, or you delete them. Session cookies, on the other hand, are deleted when you close your browser. In addition to accepting cookies when you visit the web page as described below, you can generally choose to accept cookies by changing the settings in your browser. 


2. Why we use cookies 

  • Facilitating and improving the online experience 
  • We use cookies because, through and with their help, we can offer you an online experience without problems. Some cookies are absolutely necessary for rendering the content of the webpage, in their absence the content of the page cannot be accessed and known by the user. Other cookies contribute to the updating of information on our web page and allow us to provide you with accurate and current information, and others allow you access to certain features of our web page. 
  • Adapting the content to the user 

In order to be able to offer you a customized content, based on the interests you have, we use cookies, that help us understand your behaviour online. By using these cookies we understand the way in which visitors use our  so that we can improve their visit. 


3. What types of cookies we use? 

  • The Site uses the following cookies:
    • Strictly necessary cookies
      • These cookies ensure the normal operation of the web page by allowing the existence of basic functions, such as page navigation and access to the primary sections of the web page. The web page cannot function in the absence of these cookies. 









Expiry date


PrimaryThird Party Cookie















strictly necessary


stores the user’s consent to the cookie for this domain



1 year



  • Cookies regarding preferences
    • These cookies allow the web page to retain information that changes the way the web page looks or behaves, such as the language of the web page or the region in which the user is located.







Expiry date 


Primary/ Third Party Cookie



HTTP- stores user preferences (the language used) on the webpage 24 h Primary
  • Statistical cookies
    • These cookies help web page owners to understand how users interact with the web page by collecting and transmitting anonymous information.







Expiry date


Primary/ Third Party Cookie

_ga statistic


HTTP- records a unique ID used to generate statistics about how visitors use the web page; 2 ani Primary

4. Management of cookies  

You have the option to accept the use of all cookies, an action that will allow you to access all the functions of the web page, without restrictions. 

Essential cookies are always active, and your consent is not required for their use. Essential cookies allow you to use our web page and the functions it offers. These cookies cannot be deactivated using any of the functions of this web page. 

We use Google Analytics and Google AdSense. To fully and accurately control these services for you, we suggest  

5. What happens if you reject cookies? 

If you do not consent to the use of cookies that require your prior consent, they will not be used. 

Also, when you decide to withdraw your previously given consent, we will no longer use cookies used based on your consent and we will delete them. 

We will not be able to delete third-party cookies. Therefore, you will need to personally delete third-party cookies. This can be done from your browser settings. 

We use Google Analytics and Google AdSense. To fully and accurately control these services for you, we invite you to read the info . 

Also, here you can find out instructions on cookie settings for the most used browsers:  

Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer | Opera | Safari   


6. What are your rights as data subjects? 

Based on your rights regarding the processing of personal data, you can ask us to: 

  • inform you about the way we collect and use your data; 
  • allow you access to your data, which we collect and use; 
  • rectify your personal data, if they are incorrect, incomplete or out of date; 
  • delete your personal data, if they have been processed based on your consent and we have no other legal basis for processing; 
  • no longer process your personal data.  


For requests regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us in one of the following ways: 

  • Address: Bucharest, 33 Aviatorilor Boulevard, Building A, 4th floor, District 1; 
  • Email:  . 


The VoteStream team works to ensure that your requests are answered as quickly as possible, but the response time varies depending on the complexity of your request. The deadline for resolving requests is 30 days.  


7. What are our contact details? 

For any information regarding the processing of your personal data you can contact us, as follows: 

  • Address: Bucharest, Aviatorilor Boulevard 33, Building A, 4th floor, District 1;