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An easy-to-use platform that facilitates a transparent e-voting process for your organisation. 

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Votestream offers you a simple, yet secure solution that uses blockchain to automate the voting mechanism for any general election your organisation has. 

An e-voting system that can be used by any company, organisation, or institution for an improved and more transparent decision-making process.
Hybrid voting
Mixing in-room meeting with online voting to ensure all members can participate. Voting becomes efficient and transparent.
Premium GAM
You can also access our premium GAM service and let us take care of everything from the practical side of organising your meeting and the voting process to the legal assistance needed for validating the members, supervising the voting process and signing your legal documents so that the voting process follows all the legal requirements.
Tech Support
Should you or your members encounter any problems authenticating or voting on the platform, our tech team is here to assist you along the way and rapidly solve any problem that might occur. Our tech team is at your disposal during the voting process.


Why choose us?

Reduced costs

E-voting is not only a working alternative, but an efficient one because it tends to maximize user participation by allowing members to vote from anywhere, using any device with a working internet connection. 

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The main challenge for electronic voting remained, until recently, the possible fraudulent attempts and the member authentication process. Using a multi-factor authentication method and an overlap of security layers, Votestream makes sure that only validated users can participate and vote, making the voting session secure and effective. 

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way authentication process
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Traditional voting always translates to high costs. Travelling around the country and abroad as it happens with big companies with many shareholders, accommodation, meals and renting office space is expensive and poses many challenges. With Votestream, your organisation’s members or shareholders can vote from anywhere in the world, proven they have a working internet connection, at a negligible cost. 

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We provide special services to companies looking to achieve the best results. Discuss, debate, vote and implement decisions faster.

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Our ability to offer tailored solutions to each customer and help all our clients achieve their goals would be impossible without our partners.

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